At the Borrowed Boutique we believe that giving back should always be in style. Although we love making your pictures perfect, your events fashionable, and your daughter’s fairytale moments come true; we also understand that the world is not a picture perfect place. Not only do we understand it, we’ve decided to do something about it…with your help of course!

A dress or feather headband may seem superficial, but when it has the power to protect and empower a young girl, it becomes something more than sequins and tulle. Here’s how it works. For every beautiful dress that you purchase, The Borrowed Boutique gives a portion of the profits to help protect little girls from sexual exploitation and childhood prostitution.

By partnering with amazing non-profit organizations like Esthers Children in Brazil, we are able to make an impact in the lives of less fortunate little girls. We believe that every little girl deserves a childhood filled with laughter and love. We also understand that prevention is key, and that’s what makes Esthers Children so amazing. Not only do they rescue young girls from exploitation, they also identify young girls who are in high-risk situations, providing them with a safe place where they can learn to love and be loved. By partnering with Esthers Children, we are able to sponsor young girls, contributing to their education, life skill training, emotional and spiritual support, nutrition, and safety. Taking something beautiful, like a dress, and making it even more beautiful…that’s kind of our thing!