Beautiful Change!

Over the past month we took a step back from rentals to spend time with our families and to work on our new venture, Darling Loves. We can't wait to get our creative content started with the new blog and shop. We hope to inspire you with our stories, styled parties and photoshoots, and with our carefully curated collection to purchase. Creative is not only what we do's what we enjoy the most! 

The Borrowed Boutique has been an amazing adventure, and it has been a joy getting to know all of you as clients. Your sweet images and kind feedback have made this business thrive. This year has been our best ever for rentals...BUSY BUSY BUSY...which has pushed us to re-evaluate how we want to spend our time. During our time off we have made the decision to transition The Borrowed Boutique into an all resale and retail shop, moving away from rental logistics. This will open up the time that we need to let our creative run wild with Darling Loves! We hope that you will continue to shop with us, snagging some great deals on previously worn dresses and purchasing gorgeous new items as well! We have thousands of pieces that you will now be able to purchase for keeps!

Starting a business as a women truly teaches you about yourself, your priorities, and what inspires you the most. 
Follow along on the Darling Loves blog as we start to share more of our story (the ups and downs) and our take on motherhood, infertility, entrepreneurship/business, marriage, faith, travel, parties and styled shoots! We aren't going away; we are embracing a little bit of metamorphosis. We can't wait for this new adventure.

**MORE DETAILS TO COME ON OUR NEWSLETTER. We will be listing items to sell on our closed group on Facebook and on our sister shop/blog Darling Loves website as we rework The Borrowed Boutique Website, transitioning it from a rental format to resale and retail instead. Some items from our shop we will be keeping for our own styling purposes so they will not be available to purchase. Valid Gift Cards will still be honored on resale items and new items fyi even while the borrowed boutique website is being revamped. Just let us know you have one and we can look it up and credit it toward your purchase when invoicing you. The loyalty points system will not apply currently while TBB website is restructured**

Head to in the meantime to shop for keeps! 


Is The Borrowed Boutique going out of business?

Nope, we have had our best year ever! We are just changing our structure to Resale and Retail.

I already placed a rental order for the winter and spring months, will it be fulfilled?

YES! All existing orders will be fulfilled.

Can I Rent Anna Triant Gowns?

Yes. Anna is managing her own rentals. Head to her website to reserve. FYI we love her and her dresses!!! AMAZING 

Will you still be selling off damaged dresses?

Yes, head to our closed group on Facebook in the meantime while we convert The Borrowed Boutique Site to Retail/Resale. 

What's your new venture, Darling Loves?

Darling Loves is a place of magical inspiration where childish fun, fashion, faith and wonder never grow old. This blog and retail site will sparkle with original ideas for parties, photoshoots, design, travel, literature, shopping and more! Our carefully curated shop will sell clothing, accessories, and decor perfect for infant to teen. We may even throw in some original designs of our own for our darling mommas and their babies! Follow along at @shopdarlingloves and as this dream of ours comes to life. 


Emma and The Borrowed Boutique Team