Thanks so much for purchasing from The Borrowed Boutique! We hope that you love the items that you just opened. Because they did make a little journey to get to you, we understand that they might have a few wrinkles or creases. Since many of our dresses are created with fragile materials, we wanted to give you some tips on the best way to get them looking picture perfect without damaging them in the process.




Steaming your tutu is the best way to remove wrinkles or creases. Because most tutus have additional embellishments that can melt, we ask that you use a lower heat setting on your steamer and that you never use an iron on the tulle or embellishments. If you don’t have a steamer readily available, hanging your dress in the bathroom while a hot shower is running is another easy way to work out the wrinkles.


Cotton dresses can also be steamed, but if they don’t have any sequins or embellishments on them then using an iron on a low heat is fine. For any dresses made from fragile materials such as organza we recommend steaming them.

Hair Accessories:

Many of our hair accessories are fragile. We do our best to package them with care so that they will not be damaged in route. Don’t panic if you find a loose flower on a floral halo. That is something that you can easily fix with a hot glue gun. Some of our tiaras are made from fabrics and mesh that are flexible. If you find that yours has curled at the edges simply set a book on top of it for several hours to help it regain its shape. 

Wovenplay Sunsuits:

Please do not use any heat on the wovenplay sunsuits. This may melt the material. Once worn these usually become wrinkle free in a matter of minutes.